If we let our dreams guide us, success will exceed all our expectations.


The focus of our activities is the patient, surgeon and our customers. We have made it our mission to meet their needs. A friendly, respectful, calm and courteous approach to the customer is our top priority.


Our employees represent our company positively in public through their personal appearance and behavior towards customers and other contacts.


We work sustainably, cost-consciously and success-oriented and have a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment and machines at our disposal. Reliability, efficiency and innovation are the basis of our work. The permanent improvement of our services through the use of quality management and continuous training and education is our goal.

Brian Fürderer

Managing Director

After my training as a surgical mechanic, I worked for another 5 years as a journeyman at a medical technology manufacturer with a long tradition. After my further training as a master craftsman, I first held the position of technical manager at a trading company, where, after my further training as a business economist and Bachelor of Arts, I held the position of division manager. There I was able to gain extensive experience in international sales and customer service, as well as a broad knowledge of products. I then fulfilled my dream of owning my own company in June 2019.

Our values. Our goals.


What we pursue

... Expand market position
... Thinking ahead - Always be one step ahead!
... Globalization
... Set and pursue goals
... Erhöhung des operativen Cashflows


What connects us

... the quality of our products.
... the people.
... our values.


What we offer

... Working atmosphere
... Payment & benefits
... Infrastructure
... Values & Respect
... Goals


What drives us

... Respect & Honesty
... Independence
... Personal responsibility
... Teamwork
... Discipline


What we work for

... Patient care
... Workplaces
... Protection & Safety


What we can insure

... Standards
... Consistent quality
... Long-term thinking
... Qualified Employees


Our main focus

... Quality standard
... Challenges
... Humanity
... Vision & Marktstellung


What makes us

... Highest requirements
... Quality standard
... Quality in process
... Quality in action
... Unique selling point


What our strategy is

... Service
... Standards
... Cleanliness & Order
... Process reliability


More than 40 years of enthusiasm.
Milestones from 1970 to today.
Foundation of Kothe Instrument GmbH & Co. KG
New foundation of Fuhrmann Medical Technology GmbH
June 2019
September 2019
Acquisition of Fuhrmann Medizintechnik GmbH (including the employees) by MICROQORE MEDICAL GmbH. The team was also expanded by new employees. Certification according to ISO 13485:2016
October 2019
Changeover of the production technology from wire eroding to Simulate turning and milling technology. The entire value chain was optimized and made more efficient.
November 2019
Portfolio was extended by sliding shaft instruments and bulldog clamps. In addition, the the titanium models segment was further expanded.
May 2021
Move to the Aach site