Company goals

We occupy a leading position in our market segments in the manufacture of technologically sophisticated surgical instruments and have established ourselves as a competent and reliable partner to medical technology companies of global significance. It fills us with pride that we are extraordinarily successful in implementing the zero-defect target and are therefore appreciated by our customers. The financing of our company and growth has always been characterized by sustainability, so that today we stand on a solid economic foundation that can also withstand economic fluctuations. We also took advantage of the opportunities offered by globalization at a very early stage. We firmly believe that this extraordinarily successful development is based on our persistent and consistent efforts to achieve our corporate goals. Nothing else applies to the future if we want to maintain and build on what we have achieved.
Customer orientation and sustainable success

Customer Service

The central objective of our quality management is to meet and exceed customer expectations. This is how we ensure our long-term success. Every interaction with customers also offers the opportunity to create added value. Recognizing future requirements and economic aspects play a decisive role in this.
Corporate policy

Management and leadership

Our management and executives act as role models to ensure that company policy is implemented through operational goals and measures. It is important that employees at all levels understand the company’s quality philosophy. To increase acceptance, employees are involved and taken along. This makes it easier for us to adapt strategy, goals and processes to changes.
our employees are part of the company.

Employee commitment

Committed and competent employees at all levels are of great importance to us in order to achieve quality goals. Our employees are involved in our quality management to increase the understanding of quality, the goals of the organisation and the potential for improvement. Leadership and commitment are thus closely linked. Leadership also includes that the employees are appropriately qualified and the necessary resources are provided. Recognition of performance and motivation are decisive aspects. Personal initiative, mutual understanding and employee satisfaction are positively influenced by this.
the continuous improvement process

Process oriented approach

We want exactly the same as you do: outstanding surgical instruments. Continuous improvement (CIP) is part of our success. We focus on constantly optimizing our services, processes and products. This is the only way we can maintain the current level of performance and react efficiently to changes. We are certified according to ISO 13485:2016.

Certificate ISO 13485

stable and secure processes


Increasing customer requirements and changing markets in medical technology require an adaptive form of organization that adapts to external factors.

More effective and optimized processes in the production of surgical instruments are one of the core competencies for efficient production and ensure a very high level of customer satisfaction.

Our automation focuses on the processes of product development, production planning and the manufacturing process itself. We want to achieve the following goals:

  • increase in productivity
  • more flexible production
  • Shorter production
  • Easing the burden of human labour
  • Quality improvement