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MICROQORE solutions have the answer to your current problems and needs. You are in the right place if you are looking for solutions to any of the following problems:


Delivery times

Price stability


Problem #1


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Problem #2

Delivery times

Problem #3

Price stability

Then we have your solution:
For some years now, we have managed our material requirements in such a way that in some cases we already order the raw material 18 months before the delivery date. Likewise, for more than 50% of our total products, we always have sufficient raw material available for the next 12 months. Thus we avoid material bottlenecks, daily prices and extended delivery times. You benefit from a forward-looking ordering system that identifies and orders your needs months in advance. Our company relies on renewable energies. Even in times of energy crises we can run our production with completely own electricity. Thus, we are not so strongly affected by rising energy costs. Due to our strategies, our prices are not so strongly bound by daily price changes on the material markets and we can avoid that you are affected by high price increases.

Problem #4


Our young and family-run management guarantees you a long-term partner. Likewise, we rely on the talents of tomorrow. At MICROQORE we have at least one surgical mechanic apprentice every year. In September 2022 there will even be 4! Furthermore, we rely on a young and dynamic management team, which can design the products of tomorrow with you. Our company relies on renewable energies. Even in times of energy crises we can run our production with completely own electricity.

Our services

Sit back and enjoy the benefits of a completely finished instrument with MICROQORE services. At MICROQORE, we take care of all the subsequent post-manufacturing process for you.

QM service

You want a reliable supplier so that you have no problems with FDA or MDR approval? With the MICROQORE QM service, you will receive an inspection drawing, an outgoing goods document, a material certificate, and much more for each order on request. Our QM system is also certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485:2016. Our qualified staff is constantly developing it to ensure that we meet every standard. Our critical processes are all validated.

Packing service

Your products need to be safely packed thousands of kilometers? We pack your instruments for you according to your specifications! You tell us your requirements and we will implement them according to your specifications.

Cleaning service

You want clean and passivated instruments? Preferably with a corresponding validation? Our products go through a validated cleaning and passivation process. We will be happy to provide you with the relevant documentation.

Signing service

You no longer want to do the costly and complex process in-house or through a service provider? We sign all your instruments according to your specifications. We are very familiar with UDI marking and the corresponding requirements. Likewise, validation is available for this process.